One & Only Series Call for Submissions

One & Only Series


DEADLINE:  September 15, 2019

MOXIE Productions and the Grange Hall Cultural Center (GHCC) invites submissions for solo performance shows of all kinds for its 2020 season, January-April, in Waterbury Center, Vermont.  Submitted proposals may represent storytelling, improv, dance, musical, puppetry, multimedia, variety, spoken word, cabaret, stand-up, magic, tragedy, comedy, and other forms of solo performance.  

Proposals should consist of:

  1. a synopsis (a clear and concise written description of your show) including duration; 
  2. a copy of current script;**
  3. any production history including grants or other awards; 
  4. bios of all collaborators; 
  5. technical requirements and on-site technical needs;
  6. any video samples. 
  7. a press packet of materials and any press received 

Preference will be granted to shows:

  1. between 60-90 minutes running time;
  2. with uncomplicated production/technical needs;
  3. self-contained with design and construction executed prior to arrival;
  4. with artists willing to participate in community outreach/education/publicity events associated with their work;
  5. of local and/or international material;
  6. with multiple scheduling options

Artists will receive:

  1. Two or more consecutive performances of their work in the 2020 One & Only Series:
  2. Full publicity package through our media systems and networks;
  3. Full technical rehearsal prior to the show, as necessary;
  4. Front-of-House and Box Office personnel and operation for all performances;
  5. 50/50 split of box office receipts for full length performances; 25% if sharing with another show.
  6. Production/technical support and operation for their One & Only performances, if needed.

**Please note that shows can still be in development, but presentation must be complete in dramatic form according to MOXIE Productions/GHCC evaluation.  

**All scripts are the sole property of the authoring artist and will not be shared with anyone unassociated with the One & Only production without written consent of the artist.

Other guidelines:

  1. Submissions must be digital and will be accepted by email only, unless otherwise previously arranged.
  2. All submissions must be complete at the time of application.
  3. MOXIE Productions and Grange Hall Cultural Center have the right to refuse any submission for any reason at any time.

Apply with above requirements to with “2020 One & Only Submission” in subject line or use our online submission form.